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New Strategies


UK Value Series

The strategy will seek to capitalise on dislocated pricing in the UK commercial real estate market as a result of the current high interest rate environment.

UK Equity Series

Targeting the current opportunity to purchase equity stakes to generate returns from both dividends and capital appreciation.

Gap Financing Series

Martley Capital has identified an opportunity to provide ”Gap Financing” where borrowers need to refinance, or existing loans have suffered LTV breaches due to declining market values. Lenders are looking to their borrowers to de-lever their loans through principle paydowns and Martley sees opportunities to offer financing solutions in these situations to enable borrowers to have access to funds to make these repayments.

Real Estate Special Opportunities (RESO)

Exploiting the current dislocation in the real estate markets by investing in special opportunities across direct real estate, equities and credit, to take advantage of the value that can be created currently by being able to act with speed, with the benefit of proven liquidity.

Future Working Company

The strategy will focus on the current availability of regional offices at significantly discounted pricing with a view to convert the space into highly profitable flexible offices to meet surging demand driven by the preference for a hybrid working model.

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