Jack Thoms is Director and Head of Real Estate at Martley Capital Group


Executive Managing Director

Jack Thoms is Director and Head of Real Estate. He oversees the Investment and Asset Management Teams in London and Europe working alongside Richard Croft on real estate fund management strategies, with a particular focus on the performance of the portfolios under management and client reporting.

Prior to joining Martley, Jack co-founded M7 Real Estate in 2009, where he was Head of Investment Management overseeing the fund and asset management teams across Europe.


Before M7, Jack held the position of Partner at GPT Halverton and was the Director of the flagship Halverton Babcock Industrial Fund, as well as the EB8 distribution warehouse fund, and managing the asset management team across Europe. 


Prior to Halverton Jack held the role of Divisional Director of UK Investment and Asset Management at iOG, now Valad where he was responsible for fund reporting and management of the Asset Management teams across the UK. Jack studied at Paisley University and holds a BSc in Land Economics. He has more than 28 years of real estate experience. 

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